My Engagement

I had always wanted to go to Night Life at the California Academy of Sciences Museum in San Francisco. Yes, dorky I know, but this event that is only held on Thursdays is filled with music, drinks, and science. I had never gone because I would have to take time off work. Luckily enough, we had an early Thanksgiving celebration with Brad’s family in Florida, and scheduled our flight home on a Thursday to make it back for the event.

We arrived late, but caught the tail end of our VIP tour. We had a few drinks, listened to music, and enjoyed everything the museum had to offer. As the museum started closing their exhibits, people started filtering into the main room which featured the band, Drifting Sands, We went inside, and as women know, feet hurt after walking around in heels all night. I wanted to sit and watch the band, but Brad eagerly wanted to dance, specifically at the time the song Wipeout was playing. Brad finally convinced me to stand within the crowd, but oddly tried pulling me on stage to dance… to Wipeout… Haha.. at the time I was refusing and pulling back and then heard the lead singer shout, “Wait are you Brad?” Immediately I stopped from confusion as he goes, “I’m not sure what this is, but this guy wants my mic.”

I lost all resistance and Brad pulled me towards the stage where he grabbed the mic. He faced the crowd and said how we’ve always wanted to come to the night life event. I burst into tears as he dropped to one knee and continued, “from the first moment I met you I knew I wanted to be with you” speech. When he asked the question, “Kana Ribultan, will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!” into the mic and the crowd cheered! He melted women’s hearts, men became envious of his courage by proposing in front of a crowd, and I became the happiest woman in the world!

The band congratulated and wanted us to have an endless marriage and played Endless Summer for our first slow (click here to watch video) song as an engaged couple. The next day, the story of a young man proposing to his girlfriend was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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