Gypsy Living

As most of you know, my fiance, Brad is off traveling the world for his deployment with the Navy. We moved out of our house and put everything in storage so I can pursue a gypsy life. That’s right, my home is where my heart is (aka: friends and family that will take me in). I have always been intrigued of living a traveling life. This was the perfect time to experience it, and luckily enough one of my best friends, Dave, is coming along!

My suitcase and backpacks are filled with whatever necessities I need to bring into whoever’s house I’m staying with at the time, while things I don’t need stay in two bins in my truck. In a sense, it’s convenient being small as my clothes don’t take up much room.

It’s been almost four weeks of traveling and other than not having Brad with me, I love this lifestyle. I’ve stayed in San Jose, back home to Orcutt for the holidays, San Luis Obispo, and the Sacramento area. The only schedule I have revolves around where I want to go next. Currently, I’ve been at Dave’s uncle’s ranch for the last few days, as well as his yacht for a night on the Sacramento river. The ranch has multiple houses and pets on the property. The pets consist of chickens, turtles, dogs, and a cat. Throughout the property they have herb and vegetable gardens, orange trees, and other yummy edibles. The building I’m staying in is a man cave that I would definitely not mind having. There’s a small kitchen, full bathroom, common area where the couch I sleep on is, and recording studio upstairs.

On Thursday, Dave and I will be driving to Arizona to compete in the Tough Mudder. Afterward, we’ll spend some time in San Diego and fly out on the 23rd to Oahu. We bought a 1-way ticket! I’m looking forward to the challenge of TM and waking up on the beach for however long we decide to stay there. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!


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