4D Ultrasound

The older we get, the more friends are getting married, are married, or are in baby making mode. When this phase happens, it’s time to have a baby shower.

For most women, the most precious time in their life is to see their newborn baby. With flourishing technology, they’ve gone from 2D and 3D ultrasounds and developed the 4D ultrasound. As a surprise present to our friends, we let them experience this at the Ultrasound Experience in San Diego.

Not only can you see an X-rayed view of the baby and their heartbeat (2D and 3D), the 4D ultrasound adds in a video element allowing you to see the movement of the baby and their surface features such as the look of the face and body.

Picture of the big screen of the 4D video.

Picture of the big screen of the 4D video.

The experience was amazing and it’s priceless to see the happiness of the parents. Afterward, we celebrated with a co-ed baby shower enjoying bbq’d goodies and lots of Filipino food.

Baby Shower Buffet

Baby Shower Buffet

I suggest parents who are expecting that are open to seeing what their baby looks like before they come out, to experience the 4D ultrasound.


One thought on “4D Ultrasound

  1. Thanks for taking such awesome pictures and sharing in our special day! We love you and can’t wait to meet our little Baylee (or should I say our mini Kana) Love you so much!

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