Pro Bowl All-Star Block Party

I’m going to admit, I love sports and competition but I’m not a huge sports buff. I mean… my last job was all that is tennis… but after I left the company I even stopped paying attention to that. Nevertheless, we ended up in Oahu the same time as the Pro Bowl All-Star Block Party!

Held in Waikiki, the week before the game hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs dedicate certain nights to celebrate the Pro Bowl. The saturday of, the main street is closed off with five entertainment stages, local island bands, NFL players and cheerleaders, and other goodies and food vendors along the way.

Local Island artists singing at the Pro Bowl Block Party.

Local island artists singing at the Pro Bowl Block Party.

The pre-party started early at our home away from home, the Waikiki Beachside Hostel.  We wandered over to the main street after 8. The smell of food filled the air, we saw cheerleaders dance on stage, and watched autographed gear from football players being auctioned away.

NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

Officers were lined up along the way allowing tourists to take pictures on their motorcycles, groups of them were happy to be a part of the excitement, and everyone was excited to be apart of the Pro Bowl celebration. We might’ve brought along a bachelorette sash and Maid of Honor crown with us. =) Yes.. my fiance knew and thought it was a great idea! The 3 of us even switched it up at one point. Dave looks great in a Maid of Honor crown!

Mini-bachelorette party on the officer's motorcycle.

Mini-bachelorette party on the officer's motorcycle.

Rumor is that it’s the last time the Pro Bowl will be played in Oahu. If so, we’re lucky to have been a part of this fun event!


2 thoughts on “Pro Bowl All-Star Block Party

  1. Oh, this post explains to me you must have finished up with TW. Can’t believe you’ve stopped though. Shame, as I read you played at quite an elite level at juniors?

    Amongst all these adventures have you come to Melbourne Australia?

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