Backpackers Vacation Inn – North Shore Love

Spending a week in Waikiki got a little hectic. It’s a very touristy place with a knack for partying. Shifting gears, we took it down a notch and cruised to North Shore to watch the tail end of the Pipe Pro Competition. What a spectacular site!

We stayed at Backpackers Vacation Inn for a few days, which cost ranges depending on how much privacy you want. It’s much quieter than Waikiki Beachside Hostel and a little more earthy with a cabin-like structure to most of their buildings. They’re settled into the natural surrounding exposing more of the tropical environment. (Note: If you’re grossed out by termites this isn’t the spot for you.)

We stayed downstairs in the main house which has separate rooms sleeping 4 people; bunk bed style. There are 6 rooms in the building, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen and lounge area. It’s nestled right across from the Pupukea Beach and path where we could easily walk to coast to the Banzai Pipeline where the Pipe Pro was.

In our building were people from the US, Australia, Holland, Ireland, and Germany. Everyone was so much fun and warm; it was as if we knew each other much longer than a few days. For some reason, there were the tallest people staying with us. Even on their knees one of them was still taller than me.

My new tall buddies on their knees - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

My new tall buddies on their knees - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

About a block down is another part of the hostel called the Plantation Village where private rooms and cabins are. This is where the majority of Backpacker stayers hung out. There’s an open mini-lounge with picnic benches where people brought guitars, bongos, and sang and danced. At the top of the hill overlooking the little village was another set of picnic tables, BBQ area, and ping-pong table.

At the Plantation Village - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

At the Plantation Village - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

The Aussies introduced a game called Sting Pong, which was basically the tennis game Around the World.  When you missed a shot you showed some tummy and the person across the way hits the ball as hard as they can to leave a nice welt on your skin. I may have told people I didn’t know how to play ping-pong. Lets just say they were confused when I wasn’t missing and my aim was immaculate. 😉 I did end up missing 2 shots by the end of the night.

Sting Pong - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

Sting Pong - Preparing to be stung - Backpackers Hostel North Shore

Again, this is another hostel I highly recommend especially if you’re going to North Shore to surf, and you’re down for more of a wanderers environment.



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