Canada, eh?!

During my stay in Oahu, I met travelers from all around the world. My roommates filtered through leaving me with memorable moments. You exchange names, swap numbers, and grow a bond during the few days living together. When you get a good vibe from the person and it’s time to part ways, it’s natural to tell them you always have a place to stay if you ever visit. And guess what happened? CANADA!

Not to be confused that I went to Canada, but Canada came to the LBC! One of my roommates, Alex, a young man from Vancouver, already made plans to hostel it in Santa Monica. We hit it off in Oahu feeling like we’d been long lost friends for a while, and realized we’d be in the Los Angeles area at the same time.

A few days after I landed in San Diego, I rendezvoused with Alex in Santa Monica where he was staying at a prime hostel location in the downtown area. Sad to say, if you have a California residency/ID, they will not accept you. My good friends living in Belmont Heights, about 40 minutes south, were very welcoming to host the both of us. I told Alex to cancel his weekend booking and off to LBC we went.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

We checked out Venice Beach on the way down, and cruised to the shore for a few days of fun! We cruised the Belmont area by foot and bus, ate at a food truck convention, listened to live music at one of my favorite restaurants, Tantalum, and enjoyed the night life of Belmont Heights.

Food truck convention

Food truck convention

I always knew that becoming friends with other travelers opens up many doors… and of course couches. I was more than happy to show Alex around because I know he’d do the same! I’m excited to have a place to stay in Canada to see what it’s all aboot. 😉

Relaxing at the pier during sunset.

Relaxing at the pier during sunset.


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