9 Months Apart and MILOH

They say the hardest job in the military is being the spouse. They have had grocery bags at the commissary (base market) and coins with the slogan, “Military Spouse – the toughest job in the military” printed on them, message boards and wives clubs for support.

Military Spouse - Toughest Job in the Military

Military Spouse - Toughest Job in the Military

My fiance is an FA-18 pilot in the Navy serving his first tour across the world. I have understood while dating him that the military schedules can be a little… off. We were preparing for a 5 month separation. A short deployment, yay! He would experience everything he’s been training and working so hard for, while I would experience a life of gypsy traveling for 4 months, back together in May we would be.

I planned a simple, yet beautiful ceremony and reception for our wedding day, which was scheduled for late July. In February, I received the upsetting call that they got extended and he wouldn’t be back in California until early July. It was sad, but the wedding was still doable, and we just yearned to be back together. We were both so excited for our day!

I sent out the Save the Dates via email video a little over a week ago, and I admit it was the gooiest side people might ever see of me. And guess what happens… we had to officially postpone the wedding and all the plans I made with an undetermined new date because they are yet again pushed back until mid-August, which I wouldn’t be surprised if that secretly meant “September”.

A little down and wondering how upsetting other family and friends are dealing with it, I came across a little cockapoo/chihuahua mix puppy. This 10 week old fell right into my arms, and as my broken-hearted soul searched out for love, I adopted him as my own. I named him, Miloh.



Miloh has been the shimmering light through all this dismay. He’s the cutest puppy in the world! No debating, please. =) He’s put a little spunk and happiness back in my heart and will be traveling across the bottom US for the month of March with me.

I give support and much love to family and friends who have experienced or will experience the separation. I just had to postpone a wedding, but our other friend is missing the birth of his first child. It could always be worse. From this month, it’ll be half a year until my fiance comes home, along with the rest of them. They’re doing their best!


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