Dallas, TX

There isn’t much scenery from Roswell to Dallas. It’s very D-R-Y. According to Google maps, it takes 8 hours and 29 minutes. In the Dolphin, it took about 10 hours.

We stopped by a small town called, Tatum before crossing over to Texas. Population: 750. Area: 1.2 square miles. It was easy to pull off on one of the side streets, set my portable bbq out, and cooked up some lunch. We continued on to Dallas to stay at my cousin, Adam’s house.

Welcome to Texas

Welcome to Texas

It’s amazing how cheap the real estate is outside of California. It felt great relaxing and reuniting with family. Just as I do, Adam has an incredible love for food! He took us to Company Cafe where I ate one of the best steaks in my life. Wagyu beef is basically Kobe beef. I ordered it medium-rare and it came out beautiful. It was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. It melted in my mouth and it was food bliss! It was paired perfectly with potato scallops and vegetables. Don’t mind the picture… I was so excited I ate a 1/4 of the meal before realizing I forgot to take a picture.

Company Cafe - Wagyu Steak

Company Cafe - Wagyu Steak

Another place we ate at was Velvet Taco. The grilled adobo shrimp taco was topped with applewood bacon, roasted corn, avocado, pico, epazote, and sriracha aioli. This was the BEST shrimp taco.. EVER! They also have this corn side which was also ridiculously delicious.

Velvet Taco - Rotisserie Corn

Velvet Taco - Rotisserie Corn and Tacos

Just as much as we love food we LOVE reverting back to our childhood video games, especially if they’re in a bar. We had a blast at one of Adam’s favorite places called, Barcadia. This bar is lined with old school video games, skee ball, and a room to play giant jenga. I’m proud to say that I can still rock at Mortal Combat!

Barcadia - Giant Jenga

Barcadia - Giant Jenga

Barcadia - Adam sad because he lost... again.

Barcadia - Adam sad because he lost... again.

Overall, Dallas was an enjoyable city and it was great seeing family! On to the next city, Houston!



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