Whataburger = Whatafail

Could it be that our taste buds are so accustomed to the taste of the California burger joint, In-N-Out, that Whataburger’s taste was simply… not up to par?

On our way to Houston we stopped by the famous Whataburger. Many people that have lived or lived in Texas all agreed that it wasn’t the greatest, but might as well try it because of the hype.



We ordered 3 different things on the menu: Double Meat Whataburger, Cheese Whataburger, and Grilled Chicken Sandwich. By far, the chicken sandwich was the best. It was actually pretty good. In comparison to the meat of In-N-Out the Whataburger meat was greasy, had a strange taste, and was a bit gritty. It was overall sloppily cooked. For the taste and price, which came to about $6, I would easily choose a cheap McDonald’s burger that would leave more more satisfied.

To the majority of people I have conversed this meal with, you were right. To those who have adjusted their taste buds to the horrible concoction of Whataburger, I might like you but you’re crazy. There is no comparison to the wonderful taste of In-N-Out.


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