DUBAI – Day/Night 2 – Arab Garb

It’s extremely easy to spend all your time indoors as the resort loves to spoil you in service. After enjoying the amenities for a while, we finally made it out wandering the old town of Dubai.

The architect varied from traditional moldings to modern enhancements. The old town was a fabric haven and was settled across the river from the Gold and Spice Souk. The details in the hand stitched fabric was amazing. The only downside of the experience was store after store men bombarded you with the exact same line as if rehearsed over and over. It got a bit intrusive at times and even a bit “molesty”, but to no dismay we spent some time in one of the stores and I had the chance to dress like a local.

Traditional Arab garb

Traditional Arab garb

After we had our fill of haggling we cruised to a nearby hotel to ask where a good place to eat was, and of course, it was there! A mustache-twirled man led us upstairs to their authentic Indian restaurant.

Amazing mustache man!

Amazing mustache man!

The aroma of spice filled the air and we were drooling! When I’m in a foreign place, I always think the best places to eat are where English or tourists don’t exist. This was it.

Spices surround us!

Spices surround us!

Not only was the food delicious, there was a band along with a few belly dancers playing. We finally felt like we were in a foreign country.

Restaurant with band and belly dancers

Restaurant with band and belly dancers

The next day was our big tourist day, so after we ate and drank our fill we were happy to go back to the hotel and relax again.


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