DUBAI – Day 3 – Glutton Central

By the amazing words of Chris Farley, “Lay off me, I’m starving!”

What better way to fill that need than a glorious brunch buffet? Luckily, our hotel, the Westin, had one of the biggest selections in Dubai, their Bubbalicious Brunch. Bottomless drinks, endless seafood, different tastes from across the world, an incredible desert section, and a live band to top it off. There were 3 restaurants that morphed together creating a tasting sensation that indulged every type of pallet.

This was unlike any brunch buffet I’ve ever been too. It was a fat kids heaven, and yes, we were fat kids that day! Giggling and exploring each station; there just wasn’t enough stomach room to fit everything.

There was so much to see and taste. If in Dubai on a Friday, I highly recommend experiencing one of the many brunches offered at these high class resorts.


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