2012 Recap – My Hippie-Travel Phase

It’s an obvious trend that relationships in the military tie-the-knot much quicker than those I’ve seen in the “civilian” world. (Yes.. I use the term civilian now because I’ve come to understand why they, or we use it.) Taking years or a few months figuring out if the person is right for you is personal preference. Once you know.. you know. Even though people will advise, shun, or support you, it’s you that makes the final decision.

This past year was such an emotional roller coaster transitioning into a new phase of my life. Experiencing past relationships, I never thought I’d agree to marry so quickly. I figured I’d give it at least 2 years. Well, after 6 months of long distance with Brad, we started talking about spending the rest of our lives together, took us a month to solidify our decision, and a month after that I said “yes” when he popped the question. My family thought I was irresponsible for giving up my career and economic stability before I was married, which I completely understood. When a man they barely know wants to move their baby girl to cow town then go on deployment, all you think of are the risks. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve experienced with my parents. Some of my friends thought I was crazy and some were incredibly supportive. Everyone had their reasons and I understood. Over a year later, I’m still in Jet-ville with Brad and loving it!

It’s amazing how much you try not letting other opinions effect you, but they do. It makes the time easier or harder wondering ‘if’ this or ‘if’ that. Only you can view it as a way of learning and becoming stronger. Military life doesn’t make it any easier, especially during deployment. It truly is a different lifestyle, and the families that go through it have a level of sacrifice I never would’ve understood without joining them.

Moving away was one of the most exhilarating and fearful times in my life. It was the first time I hadn’t worked in 8 years. I’ve traveled my whole life, but with no time constraint and my fiance’s support I went almost wherever and whenever I wanted. I’m not a materialistic or “foofy” girl so to speak, so I was able to make the money last a lot longer than most could. Food, drinks, couches, camp grounds, hostels, luxury resorts, and amazing people with the same love for travel – it was one of the best times of my life!

Recapping (in order) 2012 trips w/summary… (You can click on the cities to see pics and get a better idea of what I did on the trip.)

(United States)
Mesa, AZ – completed Tough Mudder
Honolulu, HI Pro Bowl All-Star Block Party, Volcom Pipe Line Surf Competition, went skydiving, North Shore
Mesa, AZ – visited Jen
Roswell, NM – aliens and camping
Dallas, TX – visited my cousin
Sugarland/Houston, TX – visited my cousin and the Space Center
Corpus Christi, TX – visited Shelbie’s Mima (gramma)
Austin, TX – friend’s wedding and SXSW music festival, food I, food II, food III
Baton Rouge, LA – live music
New Orleans, LA – not much but Bourbon st. here
Lafayette, LA – swamp tour

State Signs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates reunited w/Brad after 6 months, Desert Safari, Burj Kalifa
Offenburg, Germany – visited friends, town square World Cup Semi-Finals party
Strasbourg, France – explored
Zurich, Switzerland – explored
Interlaken, Switzerland white water rafting, canyoning, and Trucker/Country Festival
Florence, Italy – explored
Lucca, Italy – biked on top of a wall surrounding the whole city
Pisa, Italy – funny tower pics
Rome, Italy – visited friends and explored

The colloseo at night

The colloseo at night

(East Coast Wanders)
Philadelphia, PA
– visited my bestie and touched the Rocky statue
Virginia Beach, VA – visited my friend
Norfolk, VA – reunited w/Brad after 8 months
Washington DC, VA – explored
Baltimore, MD – visited family and went to a baseball game

Reunited in Norfolk, VA

Reunited in Norfolk, VA

San Luis Obispo, CA – our wedding!!

Welcome to the Navy Butt Slap

Welcome to the Navy Butt Slap

Largo, FL – visiting family

When layed out, it seems like a lot, but it’s amazing how fast time goes by when you’re having fun! The travels definitely helped me keep my sanity while Brad was away, but don’t be confused… it wasn’t all fun and games. I’m so incredibly lucky to share my life with such a loving partner that has the same travel obsessions and love of food that I do! This year we’ve already been to Key West, FL, and am looking forward to spending more time together. Maybe someday we can come visit you! =) We’re always looking for new places to go!

Fury's Commotion on the Ocean - Key West, FL

Fury’s Commotion on the Ocean – Key West, FL


5 thoughts on “2012 Recap – My Hippie-Travel Phase

  1. You are a lucky girl but you deserve it and he’s a lucky guy too. I was there once and still am as they call “dependent” my husband now “ex” to be was retired military and deployed during 911, it was the hardest thing for me, no contacts, no communication at all. He was very supportive with my job and at the same time i was with him, i give you a lot of credit for the times you have waited for him and i will pray for you to the Lord that he will give you strength and hopefully that Brad will never go for a long deployment again…..take care my niece and i’ll tell more of my story when we get to see each other again….love you…..Auntie

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