Photog Trips to the Coast

As most of you know, I absolutely LOVE traveling. I also love helping out others!
Traveling to help – well that’s just a great combo!

Before the new year I had the opportunity of helping a friend from college do a shoot around SLO (San Luis Obispo, CA). The weather was pretty wintery, but the area is so beautiful that even the worst days are some of the best days for others. Here’s a look at one of my favorites:


The other week I cruised to Ventura to help my friend, Natalie out with a make-up project at Lu Ross Academy beauty school. She’s my go-to make-up artist. She’s done my wedding and many others. If you’re looking or know someone who is, she’s the one to book!  Here’s a photo from our “Marilyn Monroe” style shoot:
Ventura, CA - Make-up artist Natalie Ozzimo

It’s always a pleasure working with friends and am excited to work with new people. If you know anyone that needs a photographer (and/or make-up artist) let me know. I’ve shot almost every style. My website is pretty basic – if you’ve followed for a while then you’ll see some pictures from my travels along with some other oldies. I’ll probably update the site when I get some more goodies.


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