Me at an Art Festival in a Gallery? YES, please!

I like to think the most successful people in the world started off small. Opportunities opened up and led them on a certain path. Could this be the start of my path?

I like my photos, but I’ve never really believed I’d have them on display somewhere. In essence, I would love being on a sidewalk in Hawaii with the happiness of selling some prints to tourists. Well, I submitted some examples of my photos to be a part of an art festival about an hour away from my home. It’s an extremely small town right before the Sequoias called, Three Rivers. Today I received an email that I was accepted to show at their art gallery during the art festival. YAY!

Here’s where I need your help. Could you suggest some photos that would be worthy of printing out? And, if you think people wouldn’t buy any of my stuff… then it’s okay! This is a learning experience and I’m hoping to get better with my artsy side along the way.

You can check out some of my favorites (you can even like my page) on FB – – or check out for some other stuff that might not be on the FB page.

Thanks everyone! =)


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