Color Me Rad!

Before the new year I joined the women’s soccer league on base. The last time I played soccer was probably 1995. It turned out to be an incredible experience. I played forward, ended up slightly tearing my meniscus 2 games before the finals, but our team won the championships! Hooray!

For those of you who’ve torn your meniscus, you know there’s not much you can do except deciding when to have surgery. As for mwuah, I’m opting to go as long as I possibly can. No pain no gain, right? So, I took the “recovery” route after soccer and pretty much did nothing for a few months until I could walk again without holding on to something. To my enjoyment, I’ve become extremely lazy in the realm of exercising.

Well, this past weekend I just completed a 5K. Yayyy for jumping into a run without doing anything the last 5 months! Haha, but hold your horses. This 5K isn’t your normal 5K. I agreed to this, because, yes, being lazy, was looking forward to “trotting” it, possibly even sunday-funday-ing it, and the contribution to the charity, Ronald McDonald House is a plus.

This is specifically a fun run where dyed corn starch is flung at your face and body. Hence the name, Color Me Rad! Thousands of people in white tees and costumes participated. Right as we entered the park we realized that running this race would be out of the question because getting to the start line meant walking through the same path as the race itself. I’ve never seen that before! This brought a little bit of joy because I would hate to drag the team down with my slow ass on the line… but seeing what the dynamic of the race was ensured that it’d be more of a 5K walk.

Anyway, we finished in about 45 minutes and it was truly about getting as much color on you as possible. Everyone had a great time! If you’re looking for a non-strenuous “race” that is fun for the whole family and friends, this is the one for you! This event is exploding around the country so sign up just for the fun of it!


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