Celebrating on Angel Island

The older I get the harder it is to keep in touch with friends, let alone make personal visits. Celebrating birthdays have become harder as our group of friends move further away from each other. Nevertheless, we try our best to mark our calendars for special occasions as much as possible.

Our latest celebration was one of my best friend’s birthday. Her friend graciously offered his 50ft yacht and we set out to Angel Island near San Francisco. It could’ve well been freezing as usual, but the weather outside the city was gorgeous.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

On the way to this historic landmark is a beautiful view of the San Fran skyline. 10,000 years ago the island actually connected to the mainland, but due to the rising sea levels you can only get to it by boat. The island has a lot of military significance as it was used for infantry camp, a discharge depot for returning troops, and even a place where Japanese and Germany POWs were held. It also became an immigration station for 1 million asians, sometimes being referred to as “The Ellis Island of the West”.

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco Skyline

Now, travelers can come to the island and enjoy hiking, a day at the cafe, or a beachside picnic bbq. I’ve never sailed out in the San Fran bay before, so this was definitely an incredible experience. Happy birthday to my person, Carly! Another successful birthday celebration with amazing company.


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