A British Naval Wedding in Cambria’s Secret Garden

Tucked into the pines of the central coast is a small town called Cambria. Located just south of Hearst Castle on the 1… or as non-California’s might say, Highway 1, is a lover’s getaway. You can relax on the beaches then peruse the antique shops and art galleries. Afterwards, indulge in fine wines and seafood then snuggle into the comforts of hotels or bed & breakfasts.

Filled with gorgeous gardens with secluded pathways is how Cambria Pines Lodge made its mark of holding beautiful weddings. You can relax in the beauty of nature, enjoy the pool and spa, and there’s even a pet exclusive area.

We celebrated the unity with the couple passing under the arch of Navy Officer swords. During the reception we learned the traditions of British weddings, while of course commemorating Top Gun by entertaining the bride with the singing of the Righteous Brother’s – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

It was a wonderful evening filled with great friends and company. I entertained the notion of learning how to speak like a Brit and danced the night away! The next day we enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings, ate out in town, and checked out the galleries. It was a great weekend and hope that you can make your way to Cambria – Pines By the Sea!


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