A North Carolina Pig Pickin’ on the 4th of July!

Coming from a Japanese culture based family, some of the typical American traditions weren’t exposed to us when we were younger. Throughout the years, I have slowly been exposing myself to the various bbq traditions across america. Sweet honey bbq here, more vinegary there, dry rub here, oak or smoked there! Everyone has their own spin on what true American bbq is. And what other way to explore a new bbq tradition than on the 4th of July?

Our friends, born and raised around Raleigh, North Carolina, presented a good 30+ of us with a pig split down the middle, que’d up on his homemade grill, and shredded to serve with a vinegar/pepper sauce. Delicious beans and coleslaw were served on the side to complete their masterpiece. I have to admit, I’m definitely more of the vinegar than sweet style, so this worked out amazingly!

Much respect to the cook as this was an exhausting task! After much of us indulged in our glutton ways, the evening continued with drinks, laughter, and fireworks! Thanks so much to everyone in our life and especially, not being biased, but the best squadron I know of. 😉


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