Food, Fun, and Sun in North Carolina

The stereotype is true of most Californians in the case that the only places on our radar outside of our state is Vegas and New York. With my husband’s side of the family originating from the east coast, I’ve had the utmost pleasure visiting and exploring the area these last few years. This time, we took a family vacation to Nags Head, North Carolina.

If you haven’t been there, it’s probably one of the more relaxing places I’ve been to out there. The sandy beaches are gorgeous, the water is warmer than any beach in California, and the humidity is great for your skin! Beware sunburners (uh-hum, white people) because the sun is much stronger than I expected as I even burned! Sunscreen is your friend.

One of the more popular towns we visited was Kitty Hawk, home of the Wright brothers. They made the world’s first succesful airplane. We hiked the hill to the monument and even reinacted what it would’ve been like!

Among our other stops was Cape Hatteras where we checked out Bodie Island Lighthouse. Even though there was a slight storm coming in, this place was absolutely gorgeous and almost serene! It reminded me of the calm before a storm.

Before we got married I’d never experienced possibly one of the best foods in the world, blue steamed crabs. It was a MUST while we were there, and luckily we found a seafood market that sold them. By the way, I’ve never been to a seafood market that was so cleanly organized. Easy peasy, we put our order in in the morning and on pick-up they were already packed, steamed, and seasoned. This has become a delicacy for me as we don’t get this joyous meal in California.

On our way home we took a picture at the border adding to my collection of signs, posed in front of Richmond’s city hall, and experienced the longest travel delays. Nevertheless, the trip, food, and company was amazing! Until next time… I’ll miss you east coast fam and yes.. you too blue crab.


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