Kings Canyon, Key West Biker Fest, Navy Ball, and Fighter Pilots in Action

It’s been about 2 months since I last posted so I’m going to roll everything into this one blog! Short and sweet? You got it! Who reads anyway? 😉

Now that I’m finally posting and national parks have been shut down, this will be a nice glimpse into the beautiful Kings Canyon Park we camped at the beginning of September. If you ever come across a camp ground that doesn’t allow camp fires, camp there for the sake of seclusion! It was amazing! There was only one campground at the time allowing fires and it was like a circus. We cruised up further and had a campground all to ourselves because people probably think you can’t survive without the crackling of wood. It was the best decision we’ve ever made on a camping trip together. No dog leashes and sunbathing in the nude? Not a problem if there’s no one around!

Mid-sept was that time again to head to the keys for my husband’s dog fighting training. (I elaborated on wining, dining, and night life in my last Key West blog.) This is probably the only beautiful place my husband trains at. Two weeks of 100 degree weather with humidity that makes you feel like you’re melting! East coast people have no idea the preciousness of a dry climate until they’ve come to the west coast. Nevertheless, it was an incredibly awesome trip!

During my stay I celebrated my 28th birthday – living it up at the Biker Festival (I got to sit on the 3rd place.. former 1st place winner), jam out at the Key West Music Festival, and even got to see American Idol’s Season 8 semi-finalist Kristen McNamara playing at a jazz bar. Not gonna lie.. she has the voice of an angel.. but lacks the performance flow stopping a few times in every song to talk about her boy problems. Otherwise, beautiful voice! To top the trip off I was able to hop on the Navy plane (NALO). Now that is as sweet as can be when you’re traveling back from the east coast as it’s a direct flight back home to base. None of this 3 layovers, delays, and 20+ hour flight nonsense.

Almost half way into October we had our squardon’s Halloween party and let our inner foxes come out (click here for the music video of What Did the Fox Say?) and celebrated a week of Hornet Ball games. This is where squadrons verse each other (kind of like greek week) to establish the best of athletics that year. They allow spouses to participate in one sport, volleyball, which was a way better turn out than last year! We lost first round again but reached a Kestrel high of 7 points! We were still all laughs anyway!

Ever since we’ve joined the squadron there’s has been a Hornet Ball costume change for the boys every year. 1st year were mariachis, 2nd were beer bots, and this year were morph suits. Our squadron “party room”, which the Navy refers to as admins, was like a rave.

Last but not least, I’ve been trying to expand in the photography realm so am scanning the web for a few contests. I stumbled upon this one where keeping with the Naval Aviator theme I’ve submitted a turbine engine of a F/A-18.
If I put this blurb and link in my blog I get a little extra on votes, but it’d be great if you wanna vote!
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Now if you’ve been patient enough to read.. or skim.. through this blog.. here’s a video of my husband’s airwing on their last deployment. It’s a nice little glimpse into a normal workday for a fighter pilot! I’m so proud of him and our friends for doing what they do.


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