USS Nimitz Finally Home For the Holidays!

One of the hardest things I’ve ever heard my husband say was, “We’ve been extended.” Your heart that has been missing a piece for (x) amount of months just got longer. Unfortunately, that’s a common line we spouses hear in the Navy. We felt heartache for our friends on the USS Nimitz and their families as their extension turned into 8 1/2 months. Birthdays, recitals and sporting events were missed, anniversaries were celebrated via e-mail, and weddings were post-poned. Some even said goodbye with a baby on the way and children who could barely roll over. Now the families are back together hoping to celebrate every occassion missed and meeting their walking and talking kin for the first time.

The deployment had to end some day and luckily it did just in time for the holidays! I had the pleasure of shooting my friend’s reunions to capture one of the happiest moments we experience as a welcoming family member. Feel free to tear up!

Unless you’re submerged in the lifestyle, you never truly understand how hard deployments are for the families. We try to be strong, help each other out as much as possible, and try to keep the worries to a minimal. I’m so thankful for the ladies that have become my family out here, for the men and women protecting and sacrificing their lives, and the families that go 6 month to years of separation from their loved ones. Enjoy the holidays as they’re back in your arms! Thank you to everyone on the Nimitz and WELCOME HOME!

(Photo credit of ‘pilots walking down’ to Seb Rodriguez.)

You can check out more Homecoming pictures on my facebook page:


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