A Snowy New Year’s Celebration in Maryland

Going from the central coast where it was almost 80 degrees to freezing points was quite a change! I’m not that good when it comes to temperatures outside 70-80 degrees… yes, I’ve been spoiled with California’s glorious temperate coast. Nevertheless, it makes the holidays feel more festive especially when it’s snowing.

We stayed 30 minutes north of Baltimore so we experienced the best of both country and city worlds. We climbed to the top of Federal Hill capturing the whole view of the city, we were really looking forward to the American Visionary Art Museum but it was closed so we only brushed its surface of art intricacies, and cruised the tiny area of Little Italy to eat amazing seafood pasta.

Docked in the bay were 4 WWII vessels which I highly suggest exploring – military discount allows you to do all 4 for the price of 1. We only had time to explore the submarine, but let me tell you… anyone who has lived or is living on one I feel very claustrophobic just thinking about your situation. And I’m a tiny person! Even though I heard the newer ones are much better, I can’t imagine the space being too different. I applaud you for sacrificing a “normal life” in order to serve your country!

Now here is where this blog transitions into the beauty of living in the country. The city introduces you to art, cuisine, and history, but the country gives you serenity. I was in awe of nature’s ability to create the tiniest, most intricate snowflakes – each with its own design, then bonding to each other to create a vast blanket upon everything it touched.

We walked a part of Maryland’s Northern Central Railroad Trail (NCRR) which extends 20 miles stretching into Pennsylvania. The snow made everything extraodinarily surreal.

For New Years we reunited with Brad’s extended family. It was a good solid 50+ italians all under one roof! There was food, drinks, oyster shucking, and the most amazing backyard firework show I’d ever seen!

I hope everyone had a great New Years and enjoyed the pics in this blog! I’ve already began the planning for some 2014 adventures. I’m pretty wide open so let me know if you have any suggestions or would like a visit from me and Miloh! =)


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