A Day Aboard the USS Ronald Reagan – Airshow Included

The conversation between my husband and I about our days are vastly different. I take care the home front while he takes care of top secret military agendas. He comes home and I can never truly understand what his position entails: the danger of flying a half a billion dollar fighter jet, top secret knowledge, and the constant studying to keep up to date on flight maneuvers. I still can’t comprehend that the one movie I, and most of human kind, was awed by because of its occupational rarity of awesomeness – that is what my husband does. Everything he does is actually surreal to me. So, when his aircraft carrier was hosting a Friends & Family Day I was ecstatic!

The objective of the day was to allow friends and family a look into life on the boat. We were allowed to peruse most parts of the aircraft carrier which of course, blew my mind. It was such an orchestral work of art getting the ship up and running and making it habitable for the thousands of people on board.

Once we were farther out at sea we were entertained with an airshow by my husband’s squadron along with some other aircrafts. All I could say was, “WOW!” What an experience; it was far more intense than any one could ever imagine, and we’re not even the ones in the jet! You could feel the intensity and blast from the jets as they were catapulted off the carrier. All piloted by the best, F/A-18’s, E-2’s, and helicopters showed us what they could do – even a super sonic pass by.

I was so excited to have a glimpse into my husband’s work life. Even though I will never fully understand I can better attest to the immensity and hard work that they do! You guys are amazing and am happy to be a part of this military family!


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