Last Fly-In from “Deployment” as a Kestrel

I put quotes around “deployment” because, for most of us, this was the shortest turn around that was considered an actual deployment. Not only were families spared the typical 8-10 months of separation, the 2 month deployment was split in half as most of us flew over to Hawaii to enjoy the air wing’s mid-port call. If you have approximately 11 minutes and 52 seconds to spare, you can check out the compilation of our trip in this video I made – Yes, I LOVE cheezy home made videos. ALOHA!

As we say goodbye to Brad’s Sea Tour, we welcome his Shore Tour! California living will soon be behind us as we venture into the big state of Texas! It seems as though the Navy is always throwing us curve balls, but it is what we make of it. I’m excited for this new adventure, meeting new people, and the many opportuniites to come!

Here is a peak of the Welcome Home Fly-In shot by Seb Rodriguez.


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